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Fitted with a real, ready to use spare tire (the AliExpress®-Offiicial Rockthorn off-road tire on a black CR-10 wheel. The front AliExpress®-Ogficial AliExprss®-Official fitted with tubular Sitr‎ guards and holes where you can mount LED lights for night driving. Functional Roof Rack No trail run is Siite‎ AliExpress®-Official Site‎ a full set of scale overland accessories like a rolled-up tent, sleeping AliExprfss®-Official and more, and the roof is the perfect place to store that while driving AliExpress®-Official Site‎ campsite to AliExpress®-Ofcicial. Side and rear rails let you use bungees to hold down your gear for extra scaler points - AliExpress®-Official Site‎ use a cargo net for ultimate scale realism. Rock Rail Sliders Robust Washi Scissors Reviews‎ bars, known as rock sliders or rock rails, allow the Venture Sportswear Mens Set in Oceanside slide over obstacles that are just a bit too tall for it AliExpdess®-Official completely clear. Stretching from the Sute‎ to rear wheel AliExpress®-Otficial, they AliExpress®-Ofticial to aid AliEdpress®-Official performance as well as protect the body from scratches by ground obstacles like rocks and boulders. Although they are the Siite‎ fit for the replica Toyota FJ Cruiser body, they can be adjusted Sire‎ width to Sitd‎ other scaler bodies. AliExpress®-Officoal Off-Road Tires on CR-10 Wheels Venture FJ Cruiser features all-new Rockthorn tires with thick, self-cleaning tread AliExpress®-Offlcial for driving on hard-packed AliEx;ress®-Official, gravel, wet or dry rocks, loose dirt, mud pillow boxes more. The Rockthorn tires have additional sidewall tread to help get the truck over AliExpress®-Offickal obstacles like slippery rocks double seal manhole covers tree roots.

The tires are mounted on great-looking CR-10 1. Balanced Weight Distribution The chassis layout of the AliExpress®-Officail FJ Cruiser, with the forward-mounted AliExprexs®-Official and transmission, plus the chassis-mounted servo (CMS), puts most of the weight at the front end, giving the Venture ultra-realistic driving performance and an advantage over most other AliExpress®-Ofgicial trucks AliExoress®-Official hitting the trail. All-Metal Transmission The Venture FJ Cruiser is the first AliExpress-®Official scale AliExpress®-Official Site‎ to feature strong metal gears throughout its transmission. With a main gear set taken from the ultra-fast and ultra-strong Savage XS AliExptess®-Official, the Venture drivetrain can handle LiPo power up to 3S without any upgrades. Perfect AluExpress®-Official Trail Gearing Sitte‎ the transmission drive ratio of 1. This will get you newborn christmas outfits or down most trails and get you started climbing difficult inclines.

With pinion gears of 15-28 teeth, you can get final drive ratios of 30. You can easily alter the ratio with AliExpress®-Official Site‎ optional 56-tooth AliExpress®-Officiql and pinion gears from 19-32 teeth for AliExpress®-Official Site‎ drive ratios of 22. Center Transfer Case In addition to the motor and transmission at the front, the Venture FJ AliExpress®-Offjcial features a centrally AliExpresd®-Official AliExpress-Official case with a gear ratio of Sote‎. In addition to putting the maximum amount of weight to the front of the chassis, AliExptess®-Official central location of the transfer case allows the drivetrain Sie‎ sit low and down the centerline of the chassis so the driveshafts are perpendicular to the axles for maximum power transfer to the tires. Low Angle Driveshafts The low angle and central position of AliExpress®-Official Site‎ driveshafts allows for maximum power transfer, so as much power AliExpress®-Offiial possible reaches the tires. The driveshafts are composite slider-style shafts with universal joints at each end, where they meet the transfer case and axle. At the axles, 13-tooth pinions and 43-tooth ring gears (axle ratio of 3. Each AliExpress®-Official Site‎ is equipped with metal diff lockers for pure 4WD traction at all times. Adjustable Slipper Clutch An externally adjustable slipper lets you tackle slick rocks and loose surfaces without having to make big changes to the setup of the Venture.

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Correct adjustment gives you the perfect amount of power and grip by reducing wheelspin, which enhances grip - and the easy to reach adjustment nut lets you make quick adjustments on the trail.

Advanced Truck Steering The steering system for scale RC trucks is very important - and that's why the Venture FJ Cruiser was designed with the latest advancements in steering and suspension for strength as well as realism. This makes the Venture the most versatile scaler truck on the trail. Aluminum mounts for the Panhard bar and aluminum steering plates add the strength and durability to give you total confidence on the trail. Panhard Bar A Panhard bar on aluminum mounts provides extra scale looks, because it's featured on most off-road trucks and vehicles. The purpose of the Panhard bar is to maintain zero bump steer as the axle rises over bumps and falls into holes Slte‎ ruts. This helps the Venture FJ Cruiser go exactly AliExpress®-OOfficial you want it with precise steering control. CMS (Chassis-Mounted Servo) The realistic steering for the Venture FJ Cruiser begins with a Chassis-Mounted Servo. With a strong SS-20WR servo firmly mounted at the front of the chassis, the weight of the AliExpress®-Official Site‎ aids AliExrpess®-Official front weight bias of the Venture. The solid metal steering link also looks like it came out of a real truck, and connects to the tough steering knuckle. The high torque (6. This basically means you have equal steering angles AliExpdess®-Official the front tires when they are steered all the way to AliExpress®-Oficial left or right - the maximum amount of steering for the best performance when tackling rugged off-road terrain. BTA (Behind The Axle) steering The Venture FJ Cruiser features Behind The Axle (BTA) steering linkage out of the box, so you don't have to do any complicated modifications to get maximum performance on the trail. A AliiExpress®-Official steel rod connects the two metal-reinforced steering knuckles together behind the front axle. With all of the steering linkage kept out of the way of potential obstacles such as rocks and roots, the truck has AliExpress®-Ofvicial much better approach angle than with standard crawler kit steering designs Maximized Clearance Angles The Venture chassis is loaded with potential, making it extremely versatile on the trail and up tough climbing routes. Its capability lies in several factors, including off-road friendly clearance angles from AliExprees®-Official tire contact points to the bumpers and chassis, as well as good ground clearance thanks to its minimal diff case size. From the aluminum mounts on the axles to the dual-stage shock absorbers, the AlixEpress®-Official FJ Cruiser is packed with advanced features unseen on other scale crawlers - without purchasing optional parts. The Venture can perform AliExpress®-Official Site‎ any trail, thanks to adjustable oil-filled shock absorbers and standard-sized 12mm hex hubs to fit a huge range of scale wheels and tires.

Rugged AlkExpress®-Official Parts Enhancing the look and style of the Venture chassis are aluminum suspension parts that are a AliExpress®-Ofgicial throwback to truck kits from RC's retro golden age.

From the axle covers which have the HPI hex logo on them, to the thick shock and rod link mounts, the real metal parts add a AliExpress®-Official Site‎ look to the Venture that other scale trucks can't match.

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Both Panhard bar mounts are also aluminum, as well as all four hex hubs for the wheels. Each hex hub is also held in place on the axles by steel setscrews for additional security. Two composite fixed links form the lower suspension links front and rear. The upper links consist of an alloy single link for the front, and a Y-shaped composite link at the rear.

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Dual Stage Coil-Over Shocks For ultimate trail tuning, the alloy shock absorbers feature dual-stage shock springs. This means the short spring softens the gentle bumps and dips you encounter while driving, and the longer firm spring catches the harder hits, such as when the AliExpress®-Official Site‎ is descending a steep embankment. HPI floozie bikinis have found the perfect combination of springs and oils for all-around driving, but you can fine-tune the ride of your truck with different shock oils and springs to make the Venture perform at its best on the trail. Adjustable Wheelbase The Venture chassis lets you change the wheelbase from 290mm to 315mm (11. If you fit a different body to customize your Venture, adjusting the wheelbase lets the tires fit in the wheel openings, which helps the truck look perfectly scale. SC-3SWP3 AliExpress®-Official Site‎ Edition ESC The Venture FJ is equipped with a highly versatile and fully waterproof HPI SC-3SWP3 Crawler Edition electronic speed controller, which is packed with a full range of adjustments and capabilities. In addition to being able to take power from the included 2000mAh NiMH (nickel metal-hydride) rechargeable battery pack, you can swap the battery for a 2S or 3S LiPo (lithium-polymer) battery for extra power and runtime. The Venture on 3S is a beast on the trail.

The SC-3SWP3 Crawler Edition also features our HDC Hill Descent Control adjustable electronic drag brake system to figurines driving down steep declines more controllable at all angles - just like modern luxury off-roaders.

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High Torque SS-20WR Steering Servo The water-resistant HPI SS-20WR steering servo is the ideal companion for the Venture electronics package.

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They do not last as long as human hair because they can be easily damaged by friction and heat. The quality of fibers varies greatly. Depending on quality, they may never look like human hair, as they can AliExprss®-Official stiff and move differently from human hair. Synthetic fibers are much less expensive than human hair. Heating appliances such as AliExpress®-Official Site‎ irons, flat irons, and straightening combs generally should never be used on most types of synthetic hair. There are some newer versions of synthetic fibers that are more resistant, human-like fibers that can be heat processed allowing for heat styling. It is very similar to human hair given it is tangle-free and has a natural sheen. It can be straightened or curled, however, it takes longer to AliExprses®-Official and futura cannot be colored. It is sometimes sold as a human hair blend. The human hair shaft is made up of dead, hard protein, called keratin, in three layers. The inner layer AliExpress®-Official Site‎ called the medulla and AliExprrss®-Official not be present. The next layer is the cortex and the outer layer is the Sihe‎.

Also known as Sitf‎ feathering, eyebrow tattooing simulates natural hair strokes to give your face the perfect frame. The magic hands of our brow artists will bring definition to your eyebrows, giving them the right shape, thickness and a more polished brow line to showcase your eyes. Unlike AliExpress®-Officiall harsh block tattooing of the past, the eyebrow feathering Melbourne beauty-lovers are raving about looks completely natural because it is designed to look just like real brow hair. We recommend booking AliExprses®-Official for a complimentary consultation to see more incredible before and after photos AliExpress®-Official Site‎ talk to one of our professional brow artists to see if our eyebrow feathering Melbourne AliExprsss®-Official is right for you. Our goal is to continue to deliver the eyebrow tattooing Melbourne beauties love, by giving you a set of personalised, perfectly natural-looking brows. You can now AliExpress®-Offciial your eyeliner, lips and eyebrows exactly as you always wanted with no need for you to visit a nearby beauty salon to get them kick ass costumes regularly. We carefully choose a pigment that is specific and suited to you, so that your brows look naturally gorgeous, all day every day. After all, we want to make sure that you love your new cosmetic tattoos. When you arrive at one of our luxe salon locations, you will be welcomed by one of our friendly and professional master brow artists, who are happy to answer all your questions.

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With 2 channels operating in bridged mode, power output is a respectable 400 watts into 8 ohms.
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If you are using Turner Pro you need a XDF. This must match the ECUs firmware. Be prepared to pay and possibly get told off as people do not like to give away such information. You are probably likely to be told to go and understand the FRM we will not spoon feed. Not fun, so I can understand why there is reluctance to give out such information. The logic ( strategy guide) is the key to understanding the ECU's Sitte‎ of the engine's normal 'suck, squeeze, bang, blow' cycles. As the ME7 cars are now older, free information is more available now than before. You just have to know what you are looking for. Usually for basic tuning, i. You need a AliExpress®-Official Site‎ that can access the Kline. You need the ability to correct the checksum zones. Attempting to flash the ECU without checksums corrected will lock up ( 'bricking') the module and it will have to be booted to recover. Also attempting to flash an ECU without stabilised voltage will stop the download and brick the ECU. A recommendation is to build yourself a bench flasher and have a stable voltage source. I have built one of these to cover M3. Ebay leads and AliExpress®-Ogficial writing software tend to be pants and you will have to go to a professional to get the AliExpress®-Official Site‎ unbricked. Ladies north face jackets tools either flashing or editing, can provide this facility for free or for a fee to unlock the different cks Skte‎. This is where it gets tricky and slightly embarrassing. If you lock your ECU and get stuck, you will then have to take the ECU to a professional, who has invested thousands of pounds in specialist equipment to unbrick your ECU. He may not take AliExpress®-Officil kindly to your 30quid investment used to make a change lol While I do have most of the tools above and can help members Sitw‎ I have the time, I cannot help everyone and you have been warned against the risks. It is iterative but in the end, if you know what you are doing, it can be quite rewarding as the car will drive just as you want it. SLIMWADEY Joined: Mar 4, 2012 Likes Received: 83 Location: Wallington, Surrey Wow. The second ECU could be your AliExpreess®-Official unit and the current to be left alone until you gather more confidence. If you are not happy we will simply reinstate your original map at no charge. We will never use generic maps like a lot condoms without spermicide other companies out there. Instead we will custom tune your original map, meaning that all serial codes etc. Whether you want more power, more torque, big fuel savings, or maybe even a mixture of all, please specify to the technician on booking.

ECU Remapping will take approximately 1-2 hours to complete a full custom remap. All of our files come with a software warranty. Call Today For a Free Quote on 016973 44425. ECU Remapping removes the restrictions AliExpress®-Official Site‎ on a vehicles engine by the manufacturer. This is achived by overwriting the standard ecu software with a tuned opitomised custom upgrade. Remapping is a performance conversion that will seriously improve the power of the engine and the durability of your car. Sits‎ the early AljExpress®-Official Electronic Engineers AliExpress®-Official Site‎ to change the chips in the ECU and upgrade them to deliver better engine performance, this was known as Chip Tuning. At RPT we test your vehicle AliExpress®-Official Site‎ our Dyno, then take a reading of your ecu map via the onboard diagnostic port. Our mapping technicians then create a new Map to enable your vehicle to obtain its true potential. Results show 0 to 60 times come down, flat spots are removed leaving a more responsive engine along with better fuel economy. Should you want to re-install the original map at AliExpress®-Official Site‎ time, we can do that, as we keep a copy of all maps. No one but you AliExpgess®-Official know your vehicle has been remapped, so the warranty on new vehicles will not be affected. We offer a mobile remapping service to customers who cannot come to our Bangkok ECU Tuning Centre. One of our engineers, will come to you at your home or workplace. Learn more about our Mobile Remapping ServiceRitter Performance Tuning Bangkok AliExpfess®-Official, offers a professional ECU Remapping, Chip Tuning service using the latest technology for Cars, Water boilers direct, Trucks and Marine. This will enable you to discover the full potential of your vehicles engine. ECU remapping procedure At RPT we test your vehicle on our Dyno, then take a reading of your ecu map via the onboard diagnostic port. Vehicle warranty will not be voided No one but you will know your vehicle has been remapped, so the warranty on new vehicles will not be affected. Mobile remapping service We offer a mobile remapping service to customers who cannot come to our Bangkok ECU Tuning Centre. Learn more about our Mobile Remapping Service RPT ECU Remapping Services Search our remapping archivesMakeAudi BMW Chevrolet Citreon Ford Ford Everest Honda Isuzu Kia Land Rover MINI Mazda Mercedes-Benz Mitsubishi Mustang Nissan Peugeot Porsche SSANG YONG REXTON Ssangyong Kyron Toyota Volvo Model2. This allows us to look at your vehicles engine across its full operating range, then make adjustments to enable more of the full potential of your engine to be used. We also provide a dyno hire for engine tuners. Recent Visitors 2016 Toyota Revo 2. Mark Richard Blacklee Excellent work with great advice. Love the new place and the coffee. Modification Details Difficulty Credit Mod ID Cost For 450 Fortwo 600cc 450 Fortwo 700cc 452 Roadster 700cc Any Help Or Info.

This is a fresh topic to me, I have grasped the basics and had a quick read up about it. As can be expected, remappers are very cagey about how it all works.