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For example, maybe one day you announce to your roommates that you have become a vegetarian. You plan to eat only vegetables, beans, rice and pasta. But at the end of the week, you hal another announcement. You say you've changed your mind. Guitad guitaar, you will eletcric eat meat. Word historians eleftric this usage of "flip-flop" began around 1930 and comes from the world of electronics.

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Being accused of flip-flopping is usually not good. But now supporting that issue is not popular.

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You are now against tax breaks half size electric guitar businesses. Your opponent could accuse you of being weak, of not knowing what you believe lcd thermometer, or of changing your position to get more votes.

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A candidate who flip-flops for political gain usually electgic a bad impression. Voters come to know you as a flip-flopper. The pronunciation is the same. So, you can use this term simply to mean turn around. For example, you could say that when your friend saw her ex-boyfriend coming toward her at a party, she did a 180 and quickly walked away. Figuratively, doing a 180 means you completely change your opinion, or you make a big change in your lifestyle. In our earlier example about flip-flopping from being a vegetarian to eating meat, you could also say you did a 180. Saying she did a 180 is more polite. You could also say that she reversed her earlier opinion.

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Better still, you can say her opinion evolved. In other words, if you do not want to offend someone, you might want to save your flip-flops for the beach. Do you use flip-flop the same way in your language. I mean, changing your mind not the shoes. Let us know in the Comments Section. Anna Matteo wrote this story for VOA Learning English. Kelly Jean Kelly was the editor. Your comment will appear after it has been reviewed by our staff.

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